BCBOA to transition to the BCBOC

by kdr

All members please be aware of this important message:


The BC Basketball Officials Commission (BCBOC) was formed in 2019 as each province in Canada has been required to move to a provincial commission. The formation of the commission better reflects the required governance structure that allows us to be in compliance with both Canada Basketball and FIBA.


The BCBOC is a committee accountable to the Basketball BC (BBC) Board of Directors and is composed of referees, coaches, BBC staff and basketball administrators and their goal is to advance basketball officiating throughout the province of British Columbia.  Steve Tuckwood, the Athletic Director at Fraser Valley is the chair of this committee and BCBOA members serving are Tanner Cervo, Kraig Montalbetti and Kerry Rokosh.


The British Columbia Basketball Officials Association held their 2019 Annual General meeting on Saturday, September 28, 2019 at the University of Fraser Valley.  The meeting reached a historic conclusion when the BCBOA voted unanimously to transition to the British Columbia Basketball Officials Commission effective March 31, 2020.


What does this mean for the coming basketball season?  Nothing has changed and the BCBOA will continue to be the governing body for officials in the province.  The transition to the BC Basketball Officials Commission will take place at the end of March 2020. 


What benefits will our members see with the formation of the Commission?  One of the first concrete changes is the establishment of one set of basketball rules for both boys and girls across the province.  This will definitely help with consistency of officiating and allow us to deliver a stronger education program for our referees and table officials.


Another major benefit of this change is that Basketball British Columbia is in the process of hiring a full-time Coordinator of Development, Officials and Youth who will work in the area of referee development, education, recruitment and administration.  This position has  been posted with a closing date of October 15, 2019.  The salary for this position has been cost-shared between the BCBOA and Basketball BC and a funding model has been developed to carry this forward after the formation of the BCBOC.  We are anticipating that the Coordinator of Development will be in place by December 1, 2019.  The Coordinator of Development will take over many of the duties that are currently being done by referee boards and volunteers across our province.  The BCBOA  provided input into the job description and will also be represented on the interview/hiring committee.


When we transition to the BCBOC what does this mean for our 18 local Boards?  Local boards need not have a traditional executive and will only have an assignor and a treasurer.  All funds that are in local boards remain within that board and it would be advantageous for the current boards to have a plan moving forward on how these funds would be used to support official’s development in their areas.


How are local boards now represented on the BCBOC?  Local boards will be represented by having members serve on BCBOC sub-committees which will include finance, education, Referee Coaches, Referee Instructors, Provincial Championships, and any other areas determined by the commission.  The goal of committee makeup will be to include registered officials from any region of the province with a specific skill-set, experience and/or interest in the respective sub-committee responsibilities.


What happens to any surplus funds once the BCBOA transitions to the BCBOC?  Any surplus funds will be transferred to the BCBOC for inclusion in the BBC’s subsequent budget, as restricted for BCBOC use and directed to:

  • Delivery of CBOC programming
  • Referee development
  • Referee recruitment
  • Travel fund to move rural referees for competition and education


John McFarland

President BC Basketball Officials Association