Provincial Championships Week 1

by kdr

Congratulations to all BCBOA Officials and Referee Coaches for their outstanding work at the 2020 Provincial Championships last week.  Your efforts helped make all the tournaments successful.  The tournaments started Feb.22 with the Junior Boys and ended Feb.29.   

The Gold Medal Crews were:

Junior Boys- Gian Cavaliere, Alex Ngai

Junior Girls- Gino Bondi, Faisal Qasem

AA Girls- Gilda Moore, Brent Sutter

AAA Girls- Fred Gunn, Mareesa Kelly

AAAA Girls- Isabelle Datayan, Sean McManus

Pacwest Women- Alex Gruneberg, EJ Link, Karn Dhillon

Pacwest Men- Kerry Rokosh, Jackson James, Todd Prodanuk


The Boys and A Girls Championships begin Wednesday.