Update on the BCBOA Transition to the BCBOC

by kdr

All BCBOA members- Please see the important information that  was sent to all local association presidents earlier this week:


Dear Presidents,


The British Columbia Basketball Officials Association executive wanted to give you an update as we prepare to make the transition to be a part of Basketball British Columbia.  We have been making progress but we will not be meeting our target date of March 31, 2020.  We discussed at our Annual General Meeting on September 28, 2019 that the current executive would function as the transition team if we needed more time and the executive will continue with their duties until all of the details have been completed.


Currently, Basketball BC has formed a transition committee under Chairperson Diana Chan.  The committee membership is composed of Daniel Gardiner, Lawrie Johns, Tim Heide and John McFarland.  Diana and Daniel are both board members for Basketball BC and Lawrie Johns is the Executive Director.  We have met twice and will continue to work collaboratively to ensure that a smooth and comprehensive transition will take place.


Our local associations will continue to have their own financial control and will need both a Treasurer and an Assignor for next year.  A year-end financial statement will continue to be filed each year with Basketball BC.  Local associations will be able to continue any education or special programs as they move forward in the new format.  We ask that our local associations continue to function in their current models until the official transition takes place.


Mike Thomson has been appointed as the Referee Manager for Basketball Canada and he will help to provide some guidance after he begins his role in late March.  We congratulate Mike and know our country is in good hands.


We will continue to keep you informed of our progress moving forward.




John McFarland


BC Basketball Officials Association